All my code right now I put publicly on Codeberg. In fact this website is powered by Codeberg's pages feature.

This website

This is a project where I hope it's some easy place to find all my other stuff. It has links to all my accounts and contacts. Also it used for my blog which I add new stuff from time to time. Basicly any semi-big peice of writing discussing some topic. I have RSS for that.


Sometimes I like to make art/animations. I do 2D art also some small photo editing usually in Gimp. I also make 3D models in blender. I present though the output 2D render so some people think I drew it 2D, rather than modeled in 3D. Partly because most of my 3D models look like creatures made out of rounded cubes. I post all my art to this website. Animations are posted to LBRY & PeerTube links to those can be found on the homepage.


I hope to just continue doing whatever I am doing right now. It makes me happy. Check my links on the homepage to find whatever I am up to. I like to keep my creations public. If you like my work please save it to your computer as a backup.