What did I do in 2022?

With the close of 2022 and the start of 2023. In this article I am going to try and recap what I did in 2022. Hoping to improve in creative output, most importantly fun stuff next year.


This is not all the content I created in 2022, just the ones I am semi-proud of and were important for each category.


2022 was basicly the start of creating videos. Animations, linux app reviews, some tips and tricks, showing code I made, meme videos, "Use Software".


Linux app reviews

Some tips and tricks

Showing code I made

"Use Software" (Totally has nothing to do with "Just use Software")


I am terrible at writing. But in 2022 I did it anyways to try and get better at it.

There are more available in this websites blog. All are terrible. Also just random lists I have made but did not publish.


Wasting bandwith!! YAY!!! I streamed when my parents were outside of the house chonquering my fears talking for about an hour doing coding mostly.


Most all of it is published on this website in art.html a very fast and responsive webpage. There is no comedic or artistic value in it. It just sucks.


Almost everyday of 2022 I did some coding, making a script to help me in my computer usage. Scraping stuff, making applications, automating this blog (it needs a revamp), playing around with api's, making gui's. A ton of stuff. Most notable are these projects (also available in projects.html):

Take a look at my codeberg @zortazert to see what I am up to.

The future aka 2023!!!

Even if there are many flaws in what I created in 2022. I had a lot of fun doing it. I met cool people on the internet and learned how to do things I couldn't before. Making animations, drawing something other than stick figures with a mouse, 3d modeling out of cubes, learned how to code. Next year I want to spend a lot less time on school. School consumed my 2022 and was so depressing I used creativity etc as an escape. Putting my work on other people (mostly my parents). For my freshman year I was actually doing my schoolwork. Because 2021 and 2022 were such a breeze online. I think I kind of forgot how to do school work efficiently and got very stupid. In 2023 I want to do schoolwork well and fast and it get it off myself. But it's like my teachers WANT me to spend all the time on schoolwork. Even they spend a lot of time grading schoolwork. They have no life either except for maybe my cool asian computer science teacher. The moment he gets out of school he ain't responding to any emails it's just PEACE OUT, I am watching anime, working out and reading chinese writings.

I would like to improve my creative abilities and also how to make something impactful that's worth it. I want to be prepared for life outside of highschool and know what I want to do professionaly. Probably coding, but I need to be more motivated to read books and documentation rather than stack overflow.