Warning On Gmail Sighn In

Table of Contents

1 Warning/theory

I have a important warning. I believe sites will start moving to gmail sighn in. Where you put the credentials of your gmail account. In order to sighn into a another a account.

2 Facts of what is currently happening.

I am pretty sure this whole gmail verifcation for sighning in is not open source, obviously not free software. So I don’t know excactly if data is held hostage by google in this scenario or even if it’s still being held hostage by the site. I believe it could be though. You see on a lot of sites to create a account they first tell you: “Oh silly goose you don’t have to create a account using a password a username a existing gmail. Just sign in with your email! We will take care of the other stuff for you.”

3 Solution

So I would recomend making accounts for zoomer stuff now before without warning they will most likely require to use google for signing in and creating a account. There is a lot already a lot of reliance for even people that value open source and privacy. Because not everyone has money lying arround to go towards a domain. Server is different story. Well this isn’t fact checked so who knows if this is useless. But this is my gutt feeling.

Author: Zera Zelix

Created: 2021-07-22 Thu 23:08