Qt Software

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1 The imposter: QT

I wonder if you heard of this small program called QT. It runs in a lot of programs:

2 Programs:

4K Video Downloader AcetoneISO Adobe Photoshop Album Age of Wonders III AMD CodeAnalyst Amira (software) ARts Atomistix Virtual NanoLab AutoCAD Avizo (software) Back in Time (Linux software) Basic For Qt BasKet Note Pads Battle.net BlackBerry 10 Brewtarget Calamares (software) Calibre (software) Calligra City of Heroes ClipGrab CodeXL Desktop communication protocol Dolphin (emulator) Dooble Doxygen Dust Racing 2D Emergent (software) Enpass Eric (software) ESvn FEKO Filelight Fontmatrix Foxit Reader Freeseer Full Tilt Poker Gadu-Gadu Gambas GNU Octave GNU Radio Gnuplot Google Earth GPSBabel Guitar Pro Guvera HBasic HemoSpat Intel Quartus Prime KDE Display Manager Kdetv KeePassX KeePassXC KGeography KHangMan Kig (software) Kiten (program) KOffice KPhone Krita KSEG (software) KSnapshot KStars KTouch LabPlot Last.fm Launchy Lector (software) Leo (text editor) LibreCAD Lightscreen LXQt Malwarebytes (software) Marble (software) Marcion (software) MediaHuman Audio Converter MedinTux Mendeley MeVisLab Mount & Blade: Warband Mus2 MuseScore Natron (software) NoteEdit Nuke (software) OBS Studio Olive (software) Open 3D Engine Open Inventor OpenLP Parallels Desktop for Mac PCMan File Manager PDFedit Pencil2D Playwrite (software) PokerTH PPS.tv Psi (instant messaging client) QDevelop QGIS QOwnNotes QSvn Qt Creator Qt Extended Qt Quick QtiPlot QtParted Quassel IRC Qwt Razor-qt RealFlow Recoll RPCS3 S60 (software platform) SafeInCloud SciDAVis Scribus Sigil (application) Sigrok Simple Desktop Display Manager Spectacle (software) Spotify Stellarium (software) Step (software) Streamlabs SuperCollider SuperKaramba TaskJuggler TeamViewer Telegram (software) Tellico (software) Tlen.pl TOra TortoiseHg Tribler TupiTube Twinkle (software) Ubuntu Touch Ultracopier UNetbootin Veusz Vidalia (software) VirtualBox VisIt VisTrails VOGL VTK Warzone 2100 Wireshark Wolfram Mathematica Wpa supplicant WPS Office Xconfig

3 History

Welp, that’s a lot of programs. A lot are propietary but even open source projects. Like krita, virtual box, anything KDE, gnu plot even. Well what’s the problem with that you may ask? QT is dual liscense. The main liscense being propietary software. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. Well there is complete reason to panik. A lot of your favorite software mostly graphical software is basicly propietary. QT helped devs create there software. It was once chad open source and is now propietary.

4 Solution

As a linux community we have to decide which programs can get replaced and not be advertised as much. If you care about open source you should try to replace these programs somehow. Programs need to go from:


But that is easier said then done :( So for now using alternatives when possible is the best thing to do. Spread the word!

Author: Zera Zelix

Created: 2021-07-30 Fri 12:05