Color Pickers

Color pickers in software

This is a tutorial on how to pick colors. Specifically with Color Pickers I am by no means an expert in color but I would like to help people pick colors at least the way I like to do it.

Up above is GIMP's color picker I found on wikipedia. As you can see there are A LOT of color pickers available in a lot of software. The Rectangle or the Triangle one's I think are easier because you see the color spectrum.

Color slider

The color slider shows a vertical line gradient between ordinary colors like Red, Blue and Yellow etc. These are kind of like crayons. They are sort of bland everyone knows what they are.

Color Canvas

Next to the color slider is the color canvas. It shows the color you picked on the slider as a gradient with the color black. You can also get some white color from here. Basicly on this color canvas you can kind of edit the color to be super EPIC.

General Rules (Least to Most Importance)

Black & White

White #ffffff and Black #000000 are very extreme colors they probably do have a usecase but rarely. They aren't very appealing colors. Also in real life you generally don't see something so dark or bright as #ffffff or #000000. (depends on the quality of your screen). So when you want a BLACK color tone it down by making it a bit more grey.

Here is an example of Chadoku I made wearing sun glasses. The sunglasses have a bit of grey in them. In my opinion this is much better than if I put #000000.




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