Greasemonkey Redirect

What is it?

Greasemonkey redirect is basicly a browser link redirector to help you avoid going to sites like when you need to open a link someone sends you. Obviously you could manuely in the url bar change to invidious but that's to much work.


I originaly created these scripts because I needed some way in qutebrowser a pluginless browser to convert youtube links to invidious like how privacy redirect did. So I went to the qutebrowser subreddit and asked. My response that I got was a script template I could modify and duplicate a bunch of times to convert privacy bad social medias to good for privacy veiwers. Though, recently I have been using windows 10. I had privacy redirect but it couldn't redirect odysee links. So I revived my scripts and started editing them with the help of some friends. Here is the finished project:

Bye Bye

I hope you will end up using these scripts for your own redirecting needs. In the README I say how to do it.