GIMP hot keys


Create a new document <Control + N>

Open a document <Control + O>

Save a document (as a gimp file) <Control + S>

Export the document <Control + E>

Image Movements

Move <M>

Scale <S>

Apply the scale by hitting <Enter>

Rotate <R>


New Layer <Control + Shift + N>

Merg layer <Control + M>


Paint Brush <P>

Ereaser <SHIFT + E>

Bucket <SHIFT + B>

Gimp Appearance (Preferences)

There are two problems with gimp out of the box:

  • Icons are a bit to small
    • Edit > Preferences > Interface > Icon Theme > Guess icon size from resolution (Switch to Cusom icon size) > Large
  • Weird gray icons
    • Edit > Preferences > Interface > Icon Theme > Color
  • Group menus on the tool box
    • Edit > Preferences > Interface > Toolbox > Use tool groups

In order to solve all these issues go to:


Created: 2021-12-30 Thu 23:15