Extensions I use

What extensions do I use

To enhance and add features to my browser I use quite a bit of extensions in this list I will go over them

Usual browsers e.g. Chromium/FireFox (Newer)

Simply Translate

This will on a selection of text auto convert it to a language it thinks it is after clicking the button. This is way better then using google translate.

Privacy Redirect/Violent Monkey

I have privacy redirect installed just in case for redirecting bad sites to freedom respecting ones. Most of the time though I use a community created repo of greasemonkey scripts.

Ublock Origin

This will basicly do all of the add blocking you will ever need. It also can block javascript and does many more things I don't know about.

Palemoon Addons.

These are addons that are very much specific to palemoon. There easily findable on the palemoon website's addon section.

Ublock Origin (Legacy)

This is a forked version of Ublock Origin for older firefox based browsers such as palemoon. It feels a bit different than the usual ublock origin but it works still.

Greasemonkey for Pale Moon

A pretty decent greasemonkey script handler for Palemoon. Puts a User Scripts section in about:adons. Once again I use scripts from my Greasemonkey Redirect repository.

GitHub/GitLab Web Components Polyfill

This extension makes:

Dismiss The Overlay

I really like this extension. On bloated websites with nasty overlays all I need to do to stop them is click the button which looks like curtain and the overlays go bye bye. I don't know if other browsers have this too.

PDF Viewer

By default for some reason palemoon doesn't have a pdf viewer when seeing pdf links. So for me since I have adobe acrobat installed it actually in browser started using adobe acrobat. It was weird. PDF viewer makes it work right.