Emacs is the coolest editor!

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1 What is emacs?

I have used emacs quite a bit. I have talked about what it is many times before. If your reading this article you already have a general idea of what emacs is. For me emacs has been a meant to be love meant to be from the very beggining of me trying it. I failed obviously, emacs without you having some knowledge about buffers, tabs, spell check and all the other cool editor things has dificult I think others can agree on. My knowledge of vim when I first started using emacs was very low. Especially if your dropped into this big ugly emacs start up message that makes you think why are the emacs desighners so behind on software modernization! Even if your a cultured vimmer emacs is very unsettling with it's ugly start up screen and old style. So you might go to some tutorial on the internet you will most likely probably find something that makes you waste time configuring, get a error and crawl back to vim. So a tutorial on how to set up emacs is a tutorial for another day. My advice is just start adding stuff when you feel you need it. A quick duckduckgo search isn't that hard for what you want to figure out how to do in emacs. Just today I actually got someone setup with with emacs as a former neovim user. As I slowly added features to his config ( He still isn't using them all.) He is seeing features and oppurtunities open.

2 Features?

Emacs by big fishes like DT, yeah only DT there aren't many big fishes like him that use emacs. He advertises 3 features:

  • ORG
    • All of it's cool features
  • Magit
  • Elfeed

3 My thoughts on Emacs's featuers?

Well since emacs is presented as a feature set by DT. I can not describe it that way. I view emacs as more of a toolbox of great premade tools. These tools are absolutely amazing for trying to make things just work in exact way you want them. Vim on the other hand has a tool box with some cool tools but for doing obscure things that for some reason you just got to do get the extra ounce of efficiency. Vim gets delivered with broken tools that the community has been able to to take vimscript (Vim's programming language) and make these features usable through plugins which once again is litterally once again taking one of vim's broken tools that people really dislike. It's plugin system and created a interface with vimscript for it. Just this is mind boggling dumb. Bram doesn't really care for plugins probably but clearly the community does. Emacs is where you build the environment of tools and these tools come with more tools. Now on to the features:

4 Org mode

Org mode is what emacs likes to advertise itself on. They are not wrong org mode is very cool. A quick note is that if you have markdown documents or are writing new ones it is easy to convert them back and fourth with emacs's pandoc looking wrapper. So converting to org mode is easy. You no longer have to deal with markdown's syntax just move to ORG! Org isn't only for writing documents or taking notes like markdown can. Org is for plenty of things I haven't scratched the surface of. I have been able to have excellent task management with it TODO and DONE marks that you can archived very easily with C-c + C-x + C-s. It also when put into this archive file tells you when it was completed. This is much better then a traditional TODO list where once you've done it you delete it and don't see it again. Though people are able to fairly easily solve this problem with org roam. For me ORG mode is excellent. I don't need any other writing format for these blogs my notes for school and task sheets. I also get excellent in-line images when I need them for better note taking. I also need to convert my math sheet which done in markdown to org so I can get in-line previews of equations without having to re export. I basically don't even have to export to pdf if I wanted to. For me ORG mode is deffinitly nice feature. I would recommend trying it even if your a vim user because there is some plug-in for it. Org is a great!

5 Magit?

Uh, I don't use Magit very much since for making my scripts LIBRE I don't need to use anything but codeberg's website. Also at less your dealing with really complicated projects emacs has built in git commands and it's really only 3 commands on the command line for basic git usage.

6 Elfeed

This probably isn't a selling point that a lot of people know about. I do because of DT I think and it's wonderful. I did a video on it so no need for me to talk about it here:


7 Conclusion

Emacs isn't for everybody but for me it is awesome. I am learning a lot. Just today I figured out two things: Tab commands and turning on flyspell let me to see spelling errors without manually going to the word. This was a vim feature I had but I randomly discovered it in emacs.

8 Bye Bye

Created: 2021-11-05 Fri 11:51