Chat Clients

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1 Chat Clients All that I know of.

1.1 Discord

Discord is a BIG chat client I spend a lot of time in. Even though I only go to two servers one of them being my own. It is propiertary software the users are not in control. While also it has a very large feature set for a chat client. One day a different platform such as matrix will be better than discord.

1.2 Matrix

Matrix is my favorite chat client. I have used and loved it. It’s just for me as a computer dinosaur at times it’s difficult to set up. I think matrix will be the future of chat clients eventually. One thing that I do not like is that I haven’t been able to use the share screen feature. It won’t sync with discord so it’s pointless.

1.3 IRC

IRC seems really outdated. It is pretty easy to use. It’s mostly good for tech qeustions and communicating with devs. If you had a real issue with a peice of software having the capability to send images and text would be extremly usefule. IRC is also good for older devices which is very cool.

2 Conclusion

I think Matrix is the best and I will be trying to make the two servers I go to link with matrix. For more privacy and freedome over my chat client software. I really strongly motivate more servers to have matrix support. Also on bigger servers. So people in the free world can say still chat with peeps.

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Author: Zera Zelix

Created: 2021-07-20 Tue 16:24