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1 Browsers I have Used.

In timeline that I have used them.

1.1 MicroEdge (Edge/Internet Explorer)

Microsoft Explorer was the first browser I ever used. It acted more of a launcher to youtube videos rather than anything else. I still have some fond memorys of it. I haven’t used it for quite some time. Then in 2014 the Surface Pro 3 came out and I started using edge. This browser I used for quite some time. This browser plain sucked. With it’s binge search engine. So temted by the people at school. I switched to the consoomer’s browser CHRAM (I say chram because it ran terrible on my Surface Pro 3)

1.2 Chram (Google Chrome)

Chram is now the consoomer’s browser full of nothing special. But taking your data and moving it to google. When I was using it I chramed it with silly extensions. Obviosly that degraded the terrible browser’s performance even more. I do think that using this browser got me familiar with installing software because I didn’t do that before. Other than that it’s a bad browser and consoomer’s must start switching to a better browser obviosly a open source one.

1.3 Furryfox (Firefox)

Furryfox though being a open source browser is still funded by google. Though it is still better than google. One thing that I can’t stand for is that they believe that with there power as a web browser they should implementing blocking of certian sites that they deem unexpectable. I can’t stand for this. As someone who believes in freedome for everyone. I deffinitly don’t like that with furry fox you have to do so much configuration out of the box to make it more secure but these. Are just toy buttons made by mozilla for you to play with because they needed to make there browser look less data collecting.

1.4 Shilion (Brave)

Shillion is the web browser that everyone should be using in Luke Smith’s words “Brave, the browser for neckbeards and normies.” Brave is way better than both chram and furryfox because it number one isn’t selling your data to google asuming you choose brave search over google. It automaticly bundles with descent privacy settings unlike furryfox. One feature that for some reason is the deciding factor for a lot of people why they use it over any other browser is brave’s built in crypto currency that you can gain through adds. I don’t think is bad at all. You would make a lot of money if you REALLY consoomed the internet unlike me. It also has creator supporting which is great (Possibly depending on the size of your audience a lot of money that you can gain for supporting your work.) This is great and way better than being a small patreon supporter or youtube viewer. In my opinion. For me I can donate to my favorite creators in multiple ways. Preferably not through patreon or youtube. Also making money from brave is money. It’s just for me after using it for a while isn’t worthwile. I have made after 3 - 4 months. About 10 bucks maybe (don’t know exactly since I distrohop frequently.) So I have rescently found the browser for me.

1.5 Qutebrowser

Qutebrowser was what I found when being on the qeust for minimalist browsers. It is not that slow assuming you have more than okay internet like me. Qutebrowser has great documentation and is easy to configure. Either directly through the throught the browser itself. I used DistroTube’s configs. Then added zoom in and out. I think I will add some more to it. It also has a very usefule quickmarks file that you can use to for going to different sites under a alias. It can also act as a search engine for platforms. It is very powerfule. I think if your disatisfyed with brave then DEFFINITLY check out qutebrowser.

Author: Zera Zelix

Created: 2021-07-21 Wed 22:24