Amazon the Bad and the Good.

Table of Contents

1 Good

1.1 Popularity

I don’t like it but the fact is amazon is prominant. For selling products everyone uses it. All types of products are stored there. I think you can even get your grocerys from there. It’s insane.

1.2 Simplicity

Very easily I can find products I want to buy. Then compare and match prices and much more. **

2 Bad

2.1 Privacy

It doesn’t take a geniouse to understand that when you buy products from amazon you are not keeping your identity private from the amazon company. You give them info such as:

  1. Where you live
  2. Your credit card.
  3. What you look at when searching amazon for products.

The list go’s on from there. It is plain insecure.

2.2 URL Bar Shows Personal Info

A couple videos have had to been taken down because the creator realizes that the amazon link he sent or showed in a video leaks ou personal information. This is terrible.

2.2.1 How to avoid this from happening:

When searching for a product. Make sure your search engine reads as follows:

When sending a link to a product and or clicking one to show the product page make sure your URL bar reads the following:

Basicly just make sure you don’t have the qid part the last part in the link.

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Author: Zera Zelix

Created: 2021-07-20 Tue 16:19